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Bathroom Renovations Dublin: Essential Tips for a Stylish Upgrade - We consider pros such as long-lasting investments and cons like upfront costs. Get a free bathroom renovation quote:

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    Are you looking for a professional Bathroom Renovations? Embarking on a bathroom renovation in Dublin offers both exciting possibilities and considerable challenges. As a company with 30 years of experience, we understand the intricacies of transforming your bathroom space.

    Renovating a bathroom not only enhances the aesthetics and comfort but also improves the practicality and functionality – factors crucial in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

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    Considering Dublin’s diverse range of homes, from historic to contemporary, it’s important to tailor the renovation to respect the character of the property while upgrading it to meet modern standards of quality and efficiency.

    The journey begins with meticulous planning, determining the scope of work based on the current layout and the desired outcomes.

    This involves choosing materials, fixtures, and finishes that marry durability with bathroom design.

    Possible drawbacks, such as unexpected structural issues or budget overruns, are best addressed at this stage, using our expertise to navigate potential pitfalls.

    Moreover, by focusing on a design that optimises space and light, we ensure the investment adds value to your Dublin home.

    Bathroom Renovations – Key Takeaways

    What you are going to get from us when considering bathroom renovations.

    • Upgrading a bathroom improves aesthetics and functionality.
    • Detailed planning mitigates renovation challenges.
    • Expertise ensures quality renovations that enhance home value.

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    Planning Your Bathroom Renovations

    Embarking on bathroom renovations requires a comprehensive plan that accounts for your individual needs, the desired aesthetic, and budget considerations.

    We’ll guide you through assessing these key aspects to ensure a seamless renovation process.

    Assessing Bathroom Needs

    It’s crucial to evaluate the daily routine of your household and the functionality that your current bathroom lacks.

    Is more storage necessary? Does the layout hinder your morning preparations? By considering the room size and how your bathroom integrates into your daily routine, we ensure the new design will cater to your needs effectively.

    Choosing a Design

    When selecting a bathroom design, consider current trends while also thinking about timeless appeal to ensure lasting value for money.

    A balance between aesthetics and functionality is vital. Factors like room size will influence whether a sleek, modern look or a traditional style is more suitable.

    Here are some design elements to contemplate:

    • Fixtures: Taps, shower heads, and toilets
    • Finishes: Tiles, countertops, and paint
    • Lighting: Mood fixtures vs practical illumination

    Setting a Budget

    We understand that a transparent estimate of bathroom renovation costs is pivotal for homeowners.

    To help you manage expenses while aiming for the highest value for money, we break down the budget as follows:

    Items Estimated Cost Range (€)
    Labour 1,000 – 3,000
    Materials 2,000 – 6,000
    Fixtures 500 – 2,000
    Contingencies 10% of total cost

    Bear in mind, these are indicative figures; every renovation is unique. We urge you to consider a budget that reflects all projected costs while allowing a buffer for unforeseen expenses.

    Executing the Bathroom Renovations

    In our 30 years at Tiler Dublin, we have mastered the renovation process.

    Our expertise ensures a blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality in every bathroom renovation project we undertake.

    Selecting Materials and Accessories

    When choosing materials and accessories for bathroom renovations, durability and style are paramount.

    We prefer materials that not only add elegance but also stand the test of time.

    Our selection includes:

    • Tiles: Porcelain and ceramic tiles for their moisture resistance.
    • Sanitary Ware: High-quality basins, toilets, and baths.
    • Faucets: Durable brass with corrosion-resistant finishes.
    • Mirrors and Lighting: Strategically placed for functionality and aesthetics.

    We consider pros such as long-lasting investments and cons like upfront costs.

    We strive to find a balance that meets our client’s budget and quality expectations.


    • High-grade materials can increase property value.
    • Modern accessories can reduce water usage, saving on bills.


    • Premium materials and accessories may be cost-prohibitive.
    • Selecting styles might feel overwhelming without professional guidance.

    Bathroom Installation and Remodelling Process

    Our process is meticulous, ensuring minimal disruption during installation. It involves:

    1. Removing existing fixtures and fittings.
    2. Updating plumbing systems to accommodate new designs.
    3. Precise electrical work to meet modern safety standards.
    4. Tiling walls and floors with attention to detail.
    5. Installing sanitary ware, cabinets, and wet rooms with precision.

    All tasks are executed by skilled craftsmen, specialising in their respective trades.

    Proper plumbing and electrical work are crucial, as they prevent future issues and ensure the bathroom’s functionality.

    Professional Services and Standards

    We take pride in providing professional bathroom fitting services. We adhere strictly to Irish Standards in all our bathroom installations.

    Our team, including experienced bespoke bathroom designers, fitters, and carpenters, work cohesively to deliver a seamless bathroom remodel.

    • Bathroom Fitters: Certified professionals with in-depth knowledge of building codes.
    • Craftsmanship: A team of carpenters, plumbers and electricians with rigorous training.
    • Standards: Compliance with BS7671 for electrical installations and Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) for plumbing.

    Our devotion to professional standards guarantees the safety, functionality, and longevity of your renovated bathroom.

    Whether it’s a compact bathroom upgrade or a luxurious wet room, our methods remain unwaveringly proficient.

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